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Take The Wheel, The Ultimate Self-Development Workshop in Lebanon& Middle-East

Why bother with the Take the Wheel Training, Self Development Training?

Would you like to take control of your mind and take the wheel of your life?

Would you like to set compelling goals and know that you could achieve them?

Would you like to enjoy the financial and personal freedom of writing your destiny?

Would you like to improve your focus, personal power, and confidence?

Then this life changing experience is yours, do you want it?

What will be covered in the Take the Wheel Training, Self Development Training?

  • Wheel of Life: Take an assessment of your current level of satisfaction with your career, finances and all the other areas of your life.

  • Values: Discover what compels you to take action and what drives you to achieve.

  • Goals, Dreams & Desires: “People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals” Set compelling Goals and learn the keys to making them.

  • Beliefs: Find out and Change your Limiting Beliefs to empowering ones to make their powers work with you instead of against you.

  • Taming your Gremlin: Identify and manage your internal “Saboteur,” the inner voice that creates the gap between who you are and who you think you are.

  • Breakthrough: Board Breaking Exercise: The Board Break is an action metaphor for breaking through limiting beliefs - literally! It's about breaking through a solid block of 1-inch thick wood with your bare hands! Traditionally, breaking through a wood board would require years of training in martial arts. Using modeling techniques, you will learn to turn challenges into opportunities and condition your mind with positive expectations. The board break is also a great way to practice focus, concentration, power, speed, precision and determination to do what needs to be done without fear.

  • Action Plan: Now that you have made your breakthrough (Literally), formulate your Action Plan to make this year your best one ever!

What if you attend the Take the Wheel Training, Self Development Training?

How would you feel when you can break out of your comfort zone and experience a new model of the world - design your life from this day onward? Eradicate any limiting beliefs, motivate yourself to succeed, stay motivated and set compelling outcomes for your future.

How is the Take the Wheel Training, Self Development Training delivered?

We believe in training as being the transfer of skills, behaviors, and attitudes. Skills are explained, demonstrated, role-played, and fine tuned until the become second nature to serve you well at the times when you need them the most.

The Training Workshops we create are highly interactive and use a variety of classroom demonstrations, direct-experience practice exercises, group discussions and Q&A sessions. This engagement creates a rich and stimulating learning environment that allows participants to experience the direct benefits of what they have learned confidently.

Self-analysis questionnaires & feedback instruments, as well as personal attention and direction between the trainer and trainees, will further assure that the material will be internalized, utilized rapidly and efficiently and immediately integrated into the work environment.


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