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12 Weeks Life Coaching Program

Whether you are pursuing a big vision or reinventing yourself anew, willpower and wishful thinking alone will only take you so far. The greater the challenge, the more solid should your support system be. You will need someone who will have your back and push you past your comfort zone. Someone who can inspire you, motivate you, and cheer your achievements.


In order to get meaningful and consistent results you will need: 


Clarity of mind, focus, motivation, and a winning game plan.

You will need a strategy, a system and solid processes to back up your plan

Most of all, you need a support system that provides you with ongoing feedback, guidance, and most importantly: accountability.

What's in it for you?

  • Take a comprehensive inventory of your emotional and psychological make up

  • Identify the key areas of your life that need attention, your sources of power and those of pain

  • Be able to bypass automatic emotional responses

  • Restore your mental and emotional resilience

  • Manage your thoughts and apply critical thinking to finding solutions for your challenges

  • Identify your internal motivators: what has deep meaning for you and how to use it to get fired up and started

  • Define and execute the steps you need to take to restore your personal power

  • Discover or create your purpose in life, move confidently in that direction

  • Change your limiting beliefs, explore and fix the root causes of your challenges

  • Develop and execute a well thought-out roadmap.

  • Chunk down huge goals or tasks into manageable, bite-size, action steps, guaranteeing results

  • Learn how to apply the tested and proven ORION® coaching formula for any change you need until it becomes a second nature for you

  • Develop a game plan to achieve the results you want, be it in life, career, or relationships

  • Have a professional supporting you all the way and beyond


How does it work?

No human journey is the same. Although the program follows a solid structured approach, we will together customize it according to your challenges, goals and aspirations.


12 Weekly 90 minutes one-on-one sessions of self-exploration, transformational exercises, tasks, feedback, and accountability to support your journey.


A Hybrid system of face-to-face, Zoom, WhatsApp, and online resources.


We will start with a free 20min one-on-one discovery call with you to determine that we are a right fit for each other, and to answer any question that you may have

What they say - Testimonials

“Johnny El Ghoul put a very solid yet smooth print in my conscious mind. Solid with determination, eagerness for reliable knowledge, curious open mind, and ready to share, inspire and dissipate change into other’s lives. Smooth with his delicate approach, individual attention and engagement in every interaction with others from beginning to end. This is Johnny El Ghoul, a consistent and flexible combination that attracts you, either on purpose or by pure coincidence, I assure you, though, you will never be the same you again…” J Akl


"Thank you Johnny! With your coaching, there is no way other than success.” - M Saliba


"You really changed my life. I am stronger now, thank you!” S Ishak


“Thank you for reshuffling the cards in my brains! I have been doing wonders ever since.” S. Saber


“I thank you for all the coaching you have done for (me and my daughter). I feel I am in a new chapter in my life with all my new learnings... So excited about it. I am ready to learn more and more and never stop learning. Life is sooo interesting when u know how to connect the dots and when u know where each dot comes from and what it means. You are one wise and intelligent man.” Karol S

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